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Deepak is an SAP Program Management Leader and a Senior IT Executive with a solid 16+ years track record of leading some of the largest and most complex SAP transformation programs in the world. Often dubbed as "Mr. SAP" he has rescued FOUR large troubled SAP projects that were on the verge of failure. Over these years he has served his clients in the roles of SAP Program Manager, Trusted Advisor, Head of SAP Transformation for North America and also Head of IT which include Fortune 500 clients. He is the Managing Partner of iii Technologies and dedicates 100% of his time in heading SAP program for one of our signature clients. He has held several executive and leadership positions including 8 years with SAP America. He has two national awards for contributions in science and technology industry. He received a Master of Science degree in engineering from Purdue University.

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Services Offered
Primary Services
  • SAP Program Management
  • Independent Quality Validation & Verification
  • Project Execution & Governance Advisory Services
  • Realization Design & Build Quality Advisors
  • Project Leadership Advisor

Short Term Advisory & QA Reviews
  • Project Audit & QA Reviews
    • Blueprint Phase Audit
    • Solution Review
    • RICEFW Audit
    • Realization Phase Audit Audit
    • Overall Project Health Check
  • Initial Project Setup Advisors
  • Remote Advisory Services (Europe & Asia Pacific)
  • SAP Project Failure Review & Revival
SAP Program Manager
Deepak M
Senior SAP Program Management Leader & IT Executive
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Frequently Asked Questions

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We will attempt to answer many questions that are frequently asked about our Advisory Services for SAP projects including the executive advisory service provided by our Managing Partner

We already have a vendor doing QA, validation and verification on our project. What is the benefit of having an executive program advisor from CIOVP ?

Executive SAP Program Advisor from our practice provides you with 100% independent and transparent insight into the progress and quality of your SAP implementation. In order to provide unbiased independent advice we have not partnered with any big 4 SAP systems integrator or the software vendor which is SAP AG. This enables our executives to assess quality of your implementation and proactively identify & mitigate any project risks without being under any influence of being a partner to either your systems integrator or the software vendor.
With your QA or IV&V vendor there is good likely hood that the leadership from these vendors may not be able to raise key project critical risks because of backstage pressure and influence from being service partners or due to buddy connections often established under such circumstances.

How different is your advisory service different from the SAP advisory services provided by some major systems integrators ?

There are two distinct types of SAP advisory services we provide. One in "Executive SAP Program Advisory Service" which is provided by our managing partner such as Deepak and other executive leaders of our practice. An executive program advisor provides oversight to all aspects of the SAP project including governance, implementation, strategy & execution while managing the project risks proactively performing our proprietary QA checks and deliverable reviews. The other type of advisory service in our practice is provided by one or multiple resources to cover specific project areas such as business transformation, RICEF development, architecture, SAP custom development, integration, etc.
Advisory services for SAP provided by other companies typically is in the form of QA or IV&V (Independent Validation and Verification) vendor. These are large teams of people who are onsite at client location covering multiple areas of an SAP implementation.

Is the independent program advisory service provided by one or multiple resources ?

The executive program advisory service is provided by one individual who is SAP program management and technology expert. If your project is already utilizing an SAP IV&V vendor, the program advisor will make sure that QA, validation and verification are done using the best practices while keeping your primary systems integrator in check.

Is the SAP program advisory service fulltime engagement at client location ?

Yes. Our service is provided fulltime typically 40 hours per week onsite at client project location for all our customers within the United States. We will be onsite from monday to thursday and work remotely on friday. For all other international customers, we most often provide remote advisory service and occasionally travel to client location provided it is pre-arranged.

Deepak is the managing partner of your advisory practice. How much time can he dedicate to our project per week if we decide to engage his services?

Deepak has always dedicated 100% of his time serving as executive program advisor to our customers. Although he is the managing partner, he does not oversee the day to day operations of our practice. He has delegated the administration and operations management to other partners and staff. Be assured that if you wish to engage services exclusively from Deepak then he will dedicate minimum 40 hours per week to your project.

When is the best time during an SAP implementation to engage an independent project advisor ?

Our clients have very often engaged us very early during pre-planning phase in order to guide the project leadership in selection of SAP packages and establishing process to select the SAP systems integrator. We consider engaging us from the project blueprint phase is still a good time as we can ensure that your project has a established a solid foundation by verifying that you have high quality business requirements, process designs and fit gap analysis.

We are in project realization phase and currently facing challenges that may be result of poor quality or incomplete blueprint. Is it too late to engage you as our independent SAP program advisor ?

When blueprint is of poor quality or hurriedly finished it results into significant rework, repeat business sessions, cost overruns, design & build delays and overall quality issues. If you SAP implementation is going through tough times there is still hope to bring the project back on track. If you decide to engage us we will start out assessing work that was done in blueprint and early realization including deliverables and other artifacts that were produced. We typically review business requirements, to-be process designs, SAP fit-gap analysis, BPRD documents, integrated SAP solution architecture and OCM documents. The program advisor will then meet with the project leadership and discuss the areas of concern and how best to address these shortfalls with minimal impact to project delivery timeline as possible. An overall strategy to revive the project will be shared with sponsor, CIO, business and IT leaders which will be monitored and verified by the program advisor. The program advisor will perform QA reviews on deliverables such as key functional and technical designs, implementation, solution architecture, organizational change readiness plans & strategy, etc. We will also work with your executive leadership to identify and oversee any key areas of concern that we have not covered above.

Are you a service provider or staff augmentation company ?

We are primarily a SAP program management and advisory service provider. Although we prefer to engage with the company implementing SAP directly, we occasionally staff augment our services with a systems integrator in instances where a company needs guidance and best practices advice in managing a large SAP implementation.

What is the qualification of an SAP program advisor ?

We have a very stringent process of selection and onboarding of a SAP Program Advisor. To be an advisor with our practice you need to have minimum 10 years of SAP implementation experience which should include expertise as an architect, project and program manager. If you have client oriented SAP experience, we ask that you have minimum of 8 years of SAP experience out of which at least 5 years should be as a executive sponsor, CIO or vice president of enterprise applications.

Who does the SAP Program Advisor tyipically report ?

We are very flexible on who the advisor directly reports on your project. We typically work directly with the executive sponsor, CIO, business leader or IT leader of the client we represent. In order to provide independent and impartial advise it is best that we serve as part of your project leadership.

What is the mode of operation of an advisor on the project ?

The advisor works colloboratively with the systems integrator leadership, PMO and customer leadership to ensure that the project is setup for success. While doing so we will advice and guide the systems integrator with strategies and corrective measures to address any shortcomings including missing deliverables, incomplete artifacts, etc. We will work with the business and project team to ensure the deliverables in question are completed with high quality. We will also guide and assist the business leaders to perform comprehensive deliverables reviews before signoffs.

We are located in Europe and need your independent project advisory expertise to make sure that our SAP implementation is on track ?

We service our international customers by providing remote advisory service. Occasionally the project advisor will travel to the international client location depending on the situation. With our remote advisory service you will not realize the fact that we are not onsite. We participate in all the project meetings via phone conference and use desktop sharing to share visuals when we host a meeting. Our professional service fees includes telephone charges and some essential expenses we incur for providing the remote advisory service.

Our systems integrator is using an international delivery center located in India for design and development activities in realization phase. What can you do to minimize risks related to delivery and solution quality ?

There are several things we do to ensure that international delivery center is staffed with qualified and balanced resources. At the end of blueprint and early realization phase the project advisor (optionally with business and IT leaders) will visit the international delivery center to review the setup of the project which will include evaluation of SAP skilled resources, project management and reporting measures, delivery risk and issues escalation procedures, etc. If requested we will engage our SAP advisory management consultant to stay at IDC fulltime throughout the lifecycle of the project to ensure best results. Project advisor will also visit IDC on a periodic basis to assess implementation quality and mitigate any risks that may jeopardize ontime delivery of the project.

Do you offer any special rates to public sector customers implementing SAP?

Yes. We offer up to 10% discount on our standard professional service fees to public sector organizations like state, federal and local governments, schools, etc. For other non-profit entities we could consider offering this special rate after approval from our managing partner.

Do you offer any special rates to international customers that uses your remote SAP project advisory services?

Most often we are not in a position to offer any special rates to our international customers because our standard rates include telephone charges which are very high to call our international clients to participate in meetings. However we can consider your request that will be reviewed by one of our corporate executives.

Who pays for the expenses when the advisor travels onsite ?

For all our engagements, client is responsible to reimburse our practice for travel related expenses that include airline tickets, hotel accomodations, food and local transportation.